Amazon FBA doesn’t accept parcels over 15 kg

Amazon temporarily prioritizing household staples and medical supplies products coming into fulfillment centers in the EU and USA
March 18, 2020
Quantity limits removed for inbound shipments to Amazon Fulfillment Centers in Europe due to COVID-19
June 30, 2020

Amazon FBA doesn’t accept parcels over 15 kg

In order to protect the well-being and safety of Amazon employees and to ensure continued adherence to guidance from local and international health authorities regarding social distancing, starting on 27th March 2020, Amazon is temporarily limiting receiving, restocking, and shipping for products that require two people to pick, pack, or ship.

This applies to parcels and individual products weighing more than 15 kg.

For products and parcels already on their way to Amazon fulfilment centres and that are over 15 kg, Amazon will make every effort to receive these products while adhering to guidance from health authorities. This includes using mechanical means to receive and process the order. Any shipment rejected will be sent back, however Amazon expects these cases will be limited.

If you have already created a shipment for products weighing over 15 kg and that have not already been shipped, Amazon asks you to cancel the shipment. You can create a new shipment and the tool will advise you if there is a fulfilment centre capable of handling your product.

For products weighing under 15 kg, please limit your total parcel weight to 15 kg.

For products where Amazon stops taking customer orders because they are not able to pick, pack, or ship them, Amazon will waive monthly storage fees for the impacted duration.

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