Amazon Fulfillment Centers in Czech Republic

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November 14, 2019
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November 18, 2019

Amazon Fulfillment Centers in Czech Republic

All the useful details regarding Amazon Fulfillment Centers in Czech Republic, which is a part of logistics network:

Fulfillment Center code: PRG2
Address: PRG2K Amazonu 235 – 252, 61 Dobrovíz, Czech Republik
Standard Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 06:20 – 16:30 and 18:20 – 04:30
GLN Code: 5450534005517
ASN Requirements Yes (all shipment times)
Booking method Carrier Central
Notice Period required to request a booking: 24 hours
Pallet Exchange Programme? Yes
Vehicle allowed for Loose Loaded Parcel Deliveries: Sprinters, Transit Vans
Vehicles NOT accepted for Loose Loaded parcel deliveries: Private Vehicles – Cars
Vehicles allowed for Palletised deliveries: 7.5 tonne vehicles, Articulated Vehicles
Vehicle types NOT accepted for Pallet Deliveries: Private Vehicles – Cars, Sprinters, Transit Vans, Flat Bed Trucks, Vehicles under 7.5 tonnes, Drag & Drop Trailers, Double Deck Trailers, Tail Lifts
MaxPallet Height: Single Pallet = 1.8 m, Double Stacked = 2.8 m, no pallet higher than the
inidividual allowed max
Deep Sea Import Containers Accepted: No

There are also additional Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the Czech Republic like PRG1 or PRG3, but they do not arrept direct deliveries at the moment.

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