New safety requirements for high-risk food supplements on Amazon

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February 6, 2022
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May 16, 2022

New safety requirements for high-risk food supplements on Amazon

Selling supplements in the EU means you have to obey several legal requirements, including packaging, product test reports etc. Now it will be even harder to comply with Amazon requirements, along with the EU and local laws. Amazon starts requesting to submit safety and compliance documentation before the products are listed.

By the end of September 2021, Amazon began requesting safety and compliance documents from all vendors and selling partners of food supplements that are determined to be high risk from a customer safety perspective, which are:

  1. sexual enhancers,
  2. those intended to support weight loss

Amazon will require sellers to submit documentary evidence that those supplements have been manufactured safely and show that pre-market notification for them has been submitted to local authorities wherever required – Spain, Italy and France.

Following a 60-day grace period, starting November 2021, the product listings are subject to removal if Amazon does not receive the requested documentation. Even if your products of food supplements are not required to submit additional documentation, you must still ensure that they are compliant with Amazon’s food and food supplements policies.

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