How to start selling on Amazon in Europe in 2022?

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October 24, 2021
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February 6, 2022

How to start selling on Amazon in Europe in 2022?

In order to be able to start selling on Amazon in the EU, you have to:

  1. register a business in the EU, preferably in a country you plan to sell your products to,
    let’s say Germany (DE) as your main choise
    then register that business for VAT in that country (DE) and EORI (in any country in the EU, only 1 number per business)
  2. or register your UK/US/Canadian business for VAT and EORI EU
  3. once you have it, you need an accountant or some kind of accounting software provider
    such as Amazon VAT Services
  4. now you can buy cargo in China
  5. and start looking for a freight forwarder in China who will pick up your goods from suppliers,
    manufacturers, take care of export customs clearance and shipping to the EU – please check Alibaba for freight forwarders and cheap shipping to Europe…
  6. when goods arrive into the EU, you need a customs agent you will clear the customs for you;
    if you import via DE, you need a local customs agent
    if via PL, PL customs agent (we have some)
  7. you pay import duties (around 0-15%) and import VAT (DE – 19%)
  8. the cargo is delivered to a warehouse (finally us), and you we can forward your products to
    Amazon fulfillment centers in the EU
  9. when you start selling on Amazon, you have to pay VAT on your sales depending on a country
    you fulfill your orders from – if you fullfil your orders on from Amazon fulfillment
    centers in DE, you need to register for VAT in DE before your 1st sales
  10. you don’t need a VAT registration in PL if you only plan to use FBA PREP POLAND / FLEX.
    as your pre-Amazon storage solution

Please feel free to contact us once you reach point # 6 🙂 we will be happy to help with your
pre-Amazon storage and forwarding to Amazon fulfillment centers in the EU.

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